Top 5 PropTech Resources You Need In Your Life

If you work in any aspect of property, you can hardly have missed the rise of PropTech (Property Technology). The industry is evolving in unprecedented ways, facilitated in part by the parallel rise in virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies. In short, if you work in property, it’s time you knew about PropTech in all its many forms. That’s why we’ve put together this set of the top 5 PropTech resources to help you make sure you know as much about the huge movements in the industry.

“The growth of PropTech in the UK has been astounding. Today’s climate of ever-increasing investment in PropTech businesses is mirrored by a boom in adoption of new technology by property professionals and consumers alike.”

– Eddie Holmes, PropTech Consult

1. PropTech News

Property Industry Eye features a PropTech Weekly blog, edited & published by Rayhan Rafiq-Omar. This is a great resource for the latest news about what’s going on in PropTech.

“Real estate is the largest asset class in the world—and also the most imperfect.” – Harvard Business School professor, Arthur Segel

2. PropTech YouTube

RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), as well as being the leading professional accreditation authority in Property, is one of the leading sources of news in the Property sector. Its YouTube channel is regularly updated with inspiring and informative video content.

“Real estate is the world’s largest asset class and now represents nearly 10 percent of institutional investment portfolios, or $6.7 trillion.” – Brandon Webber (Forbes)

3. PropTech on Reddit

There’s a Reddit thread for just about everything, and PropTech is no exception. The RealEstateTechnology thread is popular amongst PropTech enthusiasts, boasting nearly 3,000 readers. A great place to pick up on discussions in the industry on a range of diverse subjects, this is a handy PropTech resource to have in your arsenal.

“People often say London is the PropTech Capital of the world. This means we may have failed. we need to have many villages that create a complete movement.” – Magnus Svantegård and James Dearsley

4. PropTech Event

In case you didn’t know, MIPIM, the 4-day real estate exhibition, is the ultimate place to see and be seen for anyone in Property. The event takes place in Cannes, France, every March, and draws larger crowds than even the famous Film Festival. You should also check out the Future: PropTech event that takes place in London, Vienna, and Berlin every summer.

“Once the younger generation becomes the leaders of the [Property] industry we are going to see a push towards mobile-only, not just mobile-first.” – Patrick Lashinsky, CEO RealMassive

5. PropTech Twitter

PropTech Globe is very active on the social media platform, sharing and retweeting news and views from the biggest influencers in PropTech. As of writing, PropTech Globe has 2,775 Twitter followers, and is engaging on a daily basis.

“Four trends changing the shape of commercial real estate include: Rising competition, demand for real time data access, increased mobility, the consumerisation of technology.” – Brandon Webber, (Forbes)

These five PropTech resources are a great place to start with building your knowledge on this exciting industry. From these, it is likely you’ll quickly be able to branch out, finding further PropTech resources that will fuel your knowledge.

If there are any that you think we should add to this article, do please get in touch with us on Twitter or LinkedIn, and we’ll be glad to add them to the list!


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