We do it all with emotion

As technology levels the playing field, almost anyone can bring together a team and create a good, functional customer experience. We fully immerse ourselves in understanding our customers’ motivations and translating them into something effective that is elegant, beautiful and truly different.


Creating disruptive and exciting customer experiences through technology isn’t enough. If we think beyond just delivering visually led experiences it will give us a competitive advantage and lead to growth.


We’re interested in the output of an experience. That emotional reaction. It’s that thing we feel. It’s personal.
We want to produce things that work well and are user friendly but will also generate real emotion. Before we approach any brief, the first thing we want to ask is what do we want people to feel.

From planning stages to final marketing collateral

Our expert team have significant experience in CGI production, bringing to life our clients’ designs, concepts and visions.

Working alongside developers and architects, VMI produce stunning visual imagery, animations and virtual reality experiences, that enthral and engage viewers.

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Clients Include

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